“Monumental…irresistible. The story of a life more interesting than fiction.” MODERNISM/Modernity


“Indispensable … a lavishly detailed, meticulously researched biography, which is unlikely to be bettered.” (Read More)
The London Magazine, April – May 2014


“Captivating … Burton’s splendid biography may just release Bunting’s work from cult status.” (Read More)
Mark Thompson, The Independent, 27 March 2014


“This first proper biography … [is] tremendously diligent and feisty and energetic.” (Read More)
Michael Hofmann, London Review of Books, 9 January 2014


“In this enthralling, expertly researched portrait, the modernist poet is revealed as more active than Eliot and more pugnacious than Pound… One of the delights of Burton’s book is the chapter devoted to a close reading of [Briggflatts’] effects and an exposition of its sources.” (Read More)
Mark Ford, The Guardian, 29 November 2013


“This is a fine book. The narrating voice is enthusiastic, friendly, critical, knowledgeable … a full length biography was long overdue and the chances of it being awful or just disappointing were fairly good.  The good news is that Burton’s biography is a long way from awful, in fact it’s very good. It’s readable, and if you knew nothing about Bunting or his work and you ignore Bunting’s own belief that the biography of a poet is an unnecessary distraction from the poems, this book should have “START HERE” written on it.” (Read More)
Liam Guilar, Lady Godiva and me, 18 October 2013


“Richard Burton’s new biography charts the poet’s astonishing life including several spells in prison, and jobs working as an artists’ model, music critic, balloon operator, wing commander, diplomat and spy.” (Listen)
Night Waves, BBC Radio 3, 17 October 2013


“… must surely stand as the definitive reference work”. (Read More)
Wynn Wheldon, The Spectator, 12 October 2013


“Richard Burton’s book is a triumph of patient archival spadework and sympathetic understanding, and represents a major contribution to modern literary studies. He has trawled through Bunting’s school, university and air-force records (the last newly released in 2010 under the 30-year rule), and has studied an impressive number of unpublished letters sent and received by a man who tried to destroy all his correspondence. I hope that this biography will contribute to a resurgence in Bunting’s reputation.” (Read More)
Matthew Sperling, Literary Review, October 2013


“This is an extraordinary life, the tale of the century as it goes, and Richard Burton’s excellent detective work tells it vividly.”
Tom Pickard


“Stunning and… definitive”
The Allen Ginsberg Project